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Welcome to DSMedia.pro

IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is targeted for a Russian-speaking audience and therefore all materials are published in Russian only. If you need help in preparing publications, adapting texts or translating them into Russian, please contact us by e-mail: info@dsmedia.pro.


Participation can be on a free or a paid basis. Depending on the options you choose you can get different features available.

1.  With free participation you can (for all registered users):

  • Publish short information about your company
  • Publish news, articles and reviews to draw attention of your potential customers to your company.
  • Inform visitors about important events such as conferences, seminars, participation in trade-shows and others.

2.  With paid participation - in addition to the above and depending on the selected plan you’ll also get:

  • Detailed information about the company
  • Open contacts of the company: address, phone numbers, web, e-mail (including regional offices and representative offices), addresses of your accounts in social networks
  • "Looking for partners" button - for those who interested in local dealer
  • Information about your products and services in the corresponding branch of the catalog
  • Priority in publication at the main page
  • Your materials in social accounts of DSMedia.pro and regular e-mail newsletters
  • Direct requests / commercial leads on the subject of their activities from customers.
  • Links to the company's website in news, articles and reviews.
  • Ad banners (contact for details).


Please register to participate. After registration you’ll get access to a member account that allows you to publish news, articles, analytics etc. in Russian for free (pre-moderation mode).

We can help you to pass registration if necessary.  Please send your request for participation to info@dsmedia.pro. We will contact you back as soon as possible.


If you have any questions or ideas about participation and/or cooperation with DSMedia.pro please do not hesitate to contact us at info@dsmedia.pro